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BLS Remote® emerged from the desire to innovate upon existing EMDR capabilities. The founders - having medical training, clinical experience and client use - brought the idea to engineering teams to develop an effective remote EMDR technology for clinical use. 

Shaping the Future of Remote EMDR

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"BLS allows the therapist to facilitate the entire remote session and provides the client with a relaxed setting to alleviate stress. BLS simplified remote EMDR allowing the therapist to confidently facilitate the session and changed the face of telehealth forever."

MaryAlyce Torpy, Rapid Trauma Recovery

"This Single development has helped me stay resilient, strong, and allowed me to engage in EMDR processing with my therapist in my own safe Space of my choosing."

Frank, a happy client

"BLS Remote enables me to stay on track with my therapy and harness the therapeutic power of EMDR, no matter what city or country I’m in. I no longer have to worry about missing a session because I’m on the road for work."

Matt P. Client

"The BLS remote device has worked perfectly in my EMDR video sessions with my therapist and are really convenient. They’re proven so helpful that I now use them in my daily meditation practice which has noticeably deepened as a result."

Rich L. Client

Therapy, Smarter, and Secure - BLS Remote

At BLS Remote, we are the inventors and manufacturers of the only device that allows trauma therapists to treat patients with trauma remotely using EMDR psychotherapy in the same way they would in their offices. Curious about what our founder has to say?

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